Welcome to our new website.


Deafinitions is a deaf-led charity which believes that with greater opportunities for learning and involvement, deaf people can become more informed and empowered in their lives. To achieve this, we run a variety of projects – all with deaf people at the heart!


We welcome volunteers who want opportunities to learn new skills and work with our team. The majority of our employees are deaf and use British Sign Language to communicate.


We are based in South Yorkshire but much of our work is national.

Are you unemployed?


Struggling to look for work?


Need to become more ready for work?


Or maybe you are employed, but still having problems with communication?


Go to this page and see what projects we are running and a selection of information that might be useful!

Deafinitions has held a number of Yorkshire SignFilm Festivals and other projects with young people. We were the first deaf organisation to have a Youth Management Committee for young people to lead projects themselves! We’re looking to update Youth Deafinitions and find new funding for ore youth projects. To see what amazing things the deaf young people have achieved, go to this site.

For other projects that don’t quite fit into the other topics, we’ll put in here. Have a look at the variety of projects we run, and the variety of people involved!

Deaf people face a number of inequalities regarding their health and health information. Deafinitions is creating innovative resources which aim to reduce these problems. Go to this link and you’ll find our Health Deafinitions website. It’s broken down into two parts – the right side aimed at health professionals and the right side for the Deaf community!

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